Set in the countrysides of the 60's, Amandine is an independent short-film about a young and carefree girl who daily wanders on her bike around the countryside. One day, resting by her favourite tree, she hears some sounds around. While walking into the grass, she starts searching for the sound source, until she finds Eva. Amandine decides to bring the unknown girl at home taking care of her.

enjoy the film / 27' 4K

Populous - Honey.

Lukas is a 15-year-old boy. He has been practising swimming at a competitive level since he was a child. He enjoys swimming early in the morning when nobody is in the pool besides Cathy. Lukas spends his nights writing letters as he's not able to build a real relationship with her.

Enjoy the Music / 5'30" 1080p


Dear diary,I'm Isabelle. I don't know where I am from and I don’t even know exactly my age. I'm just a girl learning how to live differently every day. I am a traveller. I like visiting places and collecting mémoires. I'm inspired by everything around me.

Vimeo Staff Pick / 7' 1080p


is a love story between Adam and Judie, remembering those beautiful times they had on their trip in Italy. A beautiful but complicated relationship which brings them to understand how important is to forgive, the only way to preserve love.

Enjoy the Film / 8'30" 1080p

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